Nimadamus aka thebayareabeast

Welcome to the Nimadamus/Thebayareabeast Blog

This blog is all about Nimadamus aka thebayareabeast. You can also visit itsmathandnumbers on Twitter.

Also check out his his “transparent” tout service and his true all-time losing record .

Who is the Nimadamus aka thebayareabeast?

A losing sports bettor based on over 1500 tracked picks and regular poster on gambling and sports betting forums across the internet.

Names on various forums/sites

Twitter – Nimadamus

2+2 — tbab, bayareabeast, thebayareabeast, nj1980, Randal The Scandal, The Say Hey Kid, whoremonger, wiper is dead, tbab returns, goldenstatepimp, tbab wins, tbab forever, tbab returns, tbab the legend, tbabs, tbabs friend, Beyond conscience, Beyond reason, sub hezbollah, Cappernicking, fellatio recipient, The Human Torch, thebayareabeast!!, Buster Posey, koonta kinte, u need to shove it, Ate up McDaniel, Extraterrestrial, Goodbye2+2, you cant see me, Johnny D, Johnny Demonic, A true beast, Gaped yet again, Im a fukinn wizard, Madbum raped MLB, just unreal, able to rape, beeyoft, Recipient of dome, the penetrate, thebayareabeast 7, thebayareabeast21, thebayareabeast707, unprecedented, unprecedented01, your grandpa, you all suck dick, meoff jack, lol champcapping, u waste of air … AND MANY MORE!

SBR — jolmsheid


Covers — Nimadamus.

Wizardofodds — Warriorfan707, thebayareabeast, sfgiants2012, Nimadamus.

Capperslounge – Nimadamus, thebayareabeast

TheRx — Gaped.

TBAB glossary




milk your wife’s tits

leg on the table


true lock

Facebook true lock



Top bayareabeast forum threads


TBAB vs SB and wiper

Keno math and numbers

TBAB gets fired and other stuff

2+2 bans TBAB

TBAB sues 2p2


TBAB vs the book – one of his first accused scams/stiffs/welches



Nimadamus invents a system to destroy the books



Failed tout attempts

Capperslounge Jan 7th 2016 to fail and quit Jan 20th 2016

Majorwager 2-29-08 to fail and quit 3-20-08

dozens more…

Fun TBAB stories/anecdotes he has posted on forums

Going to Thailand and allegedly getting beat up by traveling buddy degen/forchar

Posting pics and bragging about alleged Thai ladyboys.

Reno gambling trip, boiled steaks, and sending recording of session with whore to 2p2 listeners.

Spending the night in a Reno trailer park with snapped off Internet and getting scared by coyotes.

Multiple attempts at making money being a tout.

Beating Keno.

Punted off 2k on his phone while tak was driving them both home, possibly drunk

Lost all his money to the Indians (many times)

The Touting History of Nimadamus

He has been spamming people on twitter with email like this from Nimadamus.

Who does that email belong to? Google says it belongs to the brains behind Bison Sports Handicapping

That must have been a real big winner for him to still be a sports tout. Lets see. Bison Sports Record

Yes believe it or not this is not his first alleged scam. This is what this alleged scammer does over and over again. Posts losing pick records on a million sites, then when one hits a hot streak, starts up a new tout service and tries to allegedly scam people into paying for it. You can see more of his losing accounts here.


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