Nimadamus ALLEGED Sports Tout Scam

Thebayareabeast is now Nimadamus on Twitter and making all sorts of claims about his verified results. He even has a new website (yes that is a website made in 2016 not 1999)

But it’s all a lie! Try and find his recent tracked picks. You can’t, because he’s not willing to share the real truth. His sports betting has left him broke time and time again, and 2016 is no exception. His tracked picks are right here: LIGHT YOUR $$$$ ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

His 2016 tracked record as of Feb 2? 32-46 with an average line of -145 and a loss of 78 units!



  1. Math and numbers,
    I heard this guy was a scam so I bet the opposite of all his picks and now I made enough to buy a brand new (refurbished) trailer! If I fade a couple more of this penetrate’s nonsense picks I will be able to afford my own Internet and won’t have to gape my neighbor’s WiFi password! Beeyoft!


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