Nimadamus threats/humor

#1: so idiots who buy losing sports picks at least get to see his real losing record.

#2: because nimadamus has written all the following seemingly legitimate threats to harm people. sometimes he has said these are 100% serious and he is the wrong person to ever mess with. other times he has said they are just funny jokes for chuckles just kidding around on the internet. you decide for yourself!


Youre nothing but pure aids. You’re a disgraced cock sucking runt you sucks dick for money. You await with jizz breath.

I would gladly bash your brains in with a baseball bat you cock sucking mother ****er.

I hope you suffer, then die the disgraced pathetic little runt that you are and were destined to be for all of eternity.

Disgraced Internet troll. Thats all you are.

And your girlfriend is a nasty pathetic skenk of a whore

Saklad Im gonna find you and kill you. Disturbed little POS monkey.


You ****ed with the wrong bull mother****er.

I am going to make your life a living hell, I swear on my mothers life. The only way I will fail is if I end up in jail or dead first.

I will not rest until you are exposed for the deranged piece of **** sorry pathetic little disturbed lunatic that you are.

Die you cock sucking mother ****er.

I have the personal information of several of you cybertrolling losers. Names, IP addresses.

This is going to be so much fine.

I am going to do everything in my power to see you all suffer for eternity.

One way or another.

I have the personal info of several people here. My personal life has been messed with severely. I have no choice but to retaliate against those whos personal info I have.

Lets see how you like your lives ruined. I got nothing to lose anymore.

If that blog isnt taken down, You will all be very sorry. Dont test me. Ive been pushed over the edge.

Im not even gonna read any more posts here. Ive had it with you deranged losers. Youve gone way too far.

Burn in hell.

Kill yourself you little fairy liar. Keep making up stuff and posting it online loser. Anyone can do that.

LOL at your child molesting brother. He shouldhave stayed in jail instead of breaking out. Why did he rape that little kid.

Your mother sucks a mean schlong you little bitch. I love how she licks my cock up and down and begs for me to come in her face.

*********** jizz drinking little pathetic ****** bitch. ridiculous piece of ****.

die you lifeless miserable worthless *********** mother ****er.

you miserable pile of worthless ****.

GO play in traffic you cock sucking little bitch. You are nothing other than a little worthless squealing schoolgirl online bickering troll who is a pathetic loser in life.

Get cancer and die.

Die and go to hell you stupid ****in cock sucking loser. You are nothing. Noone likes you, noone has ever liked you, nobody will ever like you.

You’re a reject and an outcast to society. A worthless internet trolling weasel pile of crap.

Soak that in.



Die, queers. Die.

Im sure your skenk of a mother always enviisoned this for her sons the day you dove out of her ass.

That they would spend their pathetic lives online trolling someone they dont know and have never meant because it makes them feel better about their sad miserable lives.

I hope you all get cancer and die. Every single one of you.

Die losers.

Infuriating weasel pieces of dog****. Die and go to hell.



When will this blog go away?

  1. Nimadamus posts in the 2+2 thread when he has a job interview and the blog will be taken care of temporary,
  2. Every week he stops from insulting and wishing death in the 2+2 thread and on Twitter one thing will be removed from this blog.
  3. Every new threat made and more factual information goes up.
EZ as that
  1. Insulting names removed
  2. Nimadamus real name removed
  3. Nimadamus coded name removed
  4. Nimadamus boss name removed
  5. Many posts archived for now

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