Nimadamus Sports FACTS

Things Nimadamus has to say about his tout “service”

Down 17 units and hitting 54% after 1500 plays in 9 months.

Pretty soon I will be up a lot of units.The year is far from over. Was just a rough 2nd half of MLB. Thats a rarity. Next year will be different, Ive never seen anything like that before. Was killed by 2nd half MLB juice.

54% on roughly an average line of -122 after 1500 picks.

-17 units because of the horrific second half of MLB.

Not to mention the 1500 plays in 9 months is impressive.

I send out considerably more games than my competitors.

I am just guessing on the -122. Does anyone know the formula on the spreadsheet for calcualting average line of a play?

I started this site in February, calculating the average line is not something that was ever top priority but its something Id like to know.

I offer this service because I am aware of the level I am capable of performing at in sports handicapping.

Posted in this 2+2 thread under his latest username u waste of air

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