Nimadamus the thief in his own words

I utilized money that I had agreed to use to pay you back for other purposes so technically I did steal from you (temporarily) and I wholeheartedly regret those actions. I have since quit drinking. Hopefully once its all been paid back in full we can stop using the ugly word “stole”. I am not trying to say what I did was ok by any stretch of the imagination.


Yes what I did was theft. It will be all paid back in full however. Thats all Im saying.


This is pointless to argue about. I disagree that it was theft. If you want to call it theft, go ahead. For the millionth time, how can you call it theft when its all getting paid back?



    1. Not only is Nima Jooyendah from Santa Rosa but he is also the #1 suspect behind the Santa Rosa fires as a cover up using the moniker Sterling Kolb as a way to blame previous debt on that fictional character. Sterling Kolb is also, coincidentally, the same person that sent veiled threats to the shamed 2+2 poster Jmakin who contacted Nima’s sister in a fit of sociopathic rage.


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