Nima Jooyandeh, self admitted scammer, thief, and illegal bookie

This long thread on 2+2 has him admitting to many crimes. There are also more scams and admissions documented in this other long thread.

Nima Jooyandeh is a scammer and a thief (main thread with bookie and theft crimes admitted by Nima)

Nima Jooyandeh of Santa Rosa, California created a false identities STERLING KORB and/or STERLING KOLB and threatened people in the thread.

He then used a fake identity to set up an illegal bookie operation in his dads Santa Rosa condo.

He stole thousands of dollars from gamblers in the thread using that scheme. When the gamblers lost their bets, he took the winnings from those bets. When the gamblers lost he shut down his fake bookie site instead of paying them.

He also talks about that condo being temporary base of operations for another bookie and also mentions some drug activity in the house by another friend or occupant.

He also works with another illegal bookie at Graton casino. Her full information is currently being gathered.

He has a long history of similar criminal scams for many years. More evidence on those scams is currently being gathered.

Please leave a comment if you have additional information on his scams and criminal activity to share.


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