Rape “jokes” by Nima

These are some “jokes that were meant to do nothing but make people laugh” by Nima.

These are his “jokes” about a Graton Casino employee who he claims runs bets for a bookie operating out of the casino.

Originally Posted by Nima Jooyandeh
I have paid this f.ucking c.unt probably 7 grand already. And now I owe her $1500 again. Yes its my money.
Originally Posted by Nima Jooyandeh
I gotta break even somehow. Ill pull even by ruining every hole she has.
Originally Posted by Nima Jooyandeh
SHes a jew so she never pays out change. Ill just squeeze her tits and call it even.
Originally Posted by Nima Jooyandeh
I need to rape her tits on general principle
Originally Posted by Nima Jooyandeh
If I go to jail so I go to jail. Who is to say that raping or t*** is not the moral thing to do in this situation? The amount of pleasure I would get would easily offset any negativity that is caused to her. Think about it.
This is one of his “jokes” about his Uber passengers.
Originally Posted by Nima Jooyandeh
Every now and then a hot girl gets in my car and Im just jfc shoudl I just drive out to the middle of nowhere and ram it right up her f.uckin tits


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