Nima Jooyandeh scams in a nutshell

2+2 thread which tells all 

Summary from that thread:

Nima Jooyandeh, who also goes by “the bay area beast” (and dozens of other names over a 10+ year history posting on the internet on various sites) stole $14,500 from poster Fubster. He has repaid $10,000 of it so far.

Some of the circumstances of the theft include taking sports bets from him acting as both a middleman for another bookie, and acting directly as a bookie himself. Stealing winnings paid out by other bookie, and scamming Fubster by not paying out the winnings from bets he booked himself after previously collecting money from losing bets that he had booked for Fubster. He also attempted to vehemently deny being the actual bet taker, and instead used a fake name of an alleged associate, who it was discovered was a fake persona used to steal (by having this fake bookie “disappear” during California wild fires).

In addition to that, here are other activities this person has participated in that have been admitted to by him on this forum, or have links posted to him being caught on other forums

1. Tried to start a book with poster HIV. Owes poster HIV ~$5K and is paying him back at a rate of $5/week.

2. Ran bets/money for Fubs.

3. Ran his own book and took bets/money as fake identity Sterling.

4. Stiffed Fub for $6k+ as Sterling.

5. Stiffed iceminers on SBR $500. Created fake identity to defend himself etc.

6. Stiffed a guy for $800 or $1000 on Rxforum.

7. Has had many accounts banned on Pickmonitor.

He spent many years pretending to be a sports tout and often started subscription services to sports picks. These subscriptions always flamed out as soon as he hit a losing streak. He would often claim things like “100% guaranteed winning picks”, and “complete transparency”.

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  1. I trusted Nima Jooyendah with my life savings and he and Chip conspired against me to to bet all my money on lines where the Warriors were huge favorites and subsequently lost and I’m now forced to service Reno bookers (what a shocking turn of events I know) and am now considering becoming a Thai ladyboy to pay for my meals, so unlucky, just unreal, gaped unprecedented. Beeyoft!


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