over $10,000 scammed from one victim

don’t ever do business with this scammer-

I freerolled him against my better judgment. I still dont even know why I did that.

 Initially this whole thing started out as a loan. Then it changed to me booking his action and freerolling him, which I wholeheartedly regret.


And the real truth-

Real facts of Nima being Nima
1. Lose all his money to the Asian bookie he was obsessed with and can’t pay the $1500 he owed.
2. Make a thread on Kipin begging to borrow $1500
3. Fubster loans 1500 and Nima refuses to stop betting and immediately loses the new credit balance within hours iirc
4. Fubster like a dumbass reloads the account despite numerous warnings.
5. Nima keeps betting but actually wins a decent amount at the beginning of nfl season. Refuses to pay Fubster back in full and sticks to payment plan.
6. Nima blows money at Indians, documented itt, and goes broke.
7. Hot streak ends and Nima begins stealing cashouts from Asian bookie and claims she won’t pay.
8. Nima still needs action and Fubster money so he opens a paper site for Fubster to keep the bookie pyramid scheme rollling.
9. Fubster goes on a heater and all the money dries up. All of the bookies refuse to pay at the same time.

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