The touting history of Nimadamus

He has been spamming people on twitter with email like this from Nimadamus.

Who does that email belong to? Google says it belongs to the brains behind Bison Sports Handicapping

That must have been a real big winner for him to still be a sports tout. Lets see. Bison Sports Record

Yes believe it or not this is not his first alleged scam. This is what this alleged scammer does over and over again. Posts losing pick records on a million sites, then when one hits a hot streak, starts up a new tout service and tries to allegedly scam people into paying for it. You can see more of his losing accounts here.



  1. You are a pathetic waste of air and a complete loser. Go around and waste away your sorry life posting false information online about people because they told you the truth about how sorry of a pathetic excuse of a human being you truly are. Folks, the individual who created this blog is a 2+2 troll who lost a handicapping contest to me and won’t let it go. There is no substance or validitity to these asinine claims whatsoever. We pride ourselves on transparent documented results which you can see for yourself at


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