Nimadamus Sports User Reviews

Some reviews from Nimadamus Sports User from the Nimadamus Sports Thread on 2+2.

After terrible pick after terrible pick, Nimadamus sent this to his members 01/26:

After what I have seen for the last couple of weeks, I have decided to put the system plays on hold, set it aside and analyze it further. As you can see here, it was hitting at 59% for 2 months over 300 plays, but more some reason has gone cold whe I stopped posting on covers and went tout.

I believe its possible this is negative variance as if you combine the sample sizes it is still hitting at 56%.

However, we cant continue to go the way weve been going. So starting tomorrow I will be sending you my own picks, picks that I am handicapping and selecting myself, and not just picks that fall within the guideline of what has shown to be a jekyll and hyde system.

I am shocked at the way things have gone and honestly dont even know what to say. A friend of mine called it “The curse of going tout”. I personally dont believe in that kind of stuff but I will continue to track the system plays, however once again starting tomorrow you will get non system plays that I have personally handicapped and thought are solid plays, at least until this thing gets back on track”


Time to share some of his posts day by day as he kept losing and losing. Comedy gold.

We’re about to get hot, I can feel it. Since I started tracking this system of course theres been a couple crazy days here and there but I have yet to see a significant bad stretch of any kind.

Truly unbelievable. I havent witnessed anything even close to this since I started tracking this system… Tonight concludes my first week as a tout and I sent out exactly 50 plays and went 24-25-1, which is clearly unacceptable.

That being said weve had about 5 or 6 really bad surreal beats in the last few days… in any case all that says is I need to do a better job and of course I will right this ship. Variance is very real and it looks like we are experiencing it right now.

After days like today I am unable to sleep

This is a marathon guys. Theres gonna be inevitably bumps in the road but the key is to stick with it an net a long term profit. May have losing days and losing weeks, but key is to have a WINNING YEAR. Also looking forward to MLB as I crush MLB every year, documented.

1/21 later
Lets hit this and make it a 5-3 day. It is a system play as of now but wasnt earlier. Theres several factors involved in that in case anyone is wondering.

He crushes MLB every year. Documented. 2016 Record: 465-402-38 -36.06 units 


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